Underwater twin

Photographed by David Luo.

A visionary fashion editorial that plunges into the enigmatic depths of an underwater world. It imagines a parallel civilization beneath the waves, where the inhabitants mirror our appearances, fashion sensibilities, and societal structures, yet are adapted to the aquatic environment. The inspiration comes from imagining a world where water is home, and its residents, our doppelgängers or “twins,” have developed their own distinct style and civilization. Directed and styled by Jingjing Jia.

Underwater twins


Photographer: @davidluophoto
Creative Director/Stylist: @8bit.gurl
VFX: @yanping_h, @davidluophoto
Hair Stylist: @ububee8
Makeup Artists: @limbafter1imb, @rio_kinoshita_01
Nails: @rio_kinoshita_01
Hair Assistant: @um_takayuki
Photography Assistant: @xinn_zny
Styling Assistant: @p1r0s1c0
Location: @luminstudionyc
Models: @charlotteblickle at @dividemgmt, @vegaharlan, @ysqshiqi

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