Exposures: Criminal Minds

Weekly selection of must-watch movies with a common thread.

The genius of the artist entangles perpetrators and victims in a sticky web of perverse delights, in which exploitation becomes collusion, the ripples of guilt spread outward, and the real criminal slips away.

Many people have a dark and morbid fascination with morally ambiguous characters. Relying on psychology, forensics and neuroscience, the cinematic lens has often portrayed over the years some of the traits their minds have in common. Thrillers let us feel fear in a controlled way, reeling us in slowly by deliberately building suspense. We dive into the head of a true criminal and we struggle to figure out what’s going on. The enigmatic question is, how does someone really become one? / Curated by @isabelevangelisti.

The girl with the dragon tattoo, American psycho, Split, Silence of the lambs, Shutter Island.

Exposures: Criminal Minds

The girl with the dragon tattoo, American psycho, Split, Silence of the lambs, Shutter island.

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