Ballet Story

Photographed by Han Yang

A project inspired by the Black Swan theory. Like the current epidemic, the impact is beyond people's imagination. At the beginning of the project, we envisioned the use of some strongly contrasting elements to reflect the fragility and romance of the outside, and the strength and struggle of the inside. But finally, we used a romantic flower setting to cover the inner tension and tragic reality, it is “the sugar coating of reality". And the appearance of crows symbolically makes the emergence of the epidemic more like a preordained fable. A story photographed by Han Yang.

Ballet Story


Photography: Han Yang / @yanghanphoto
Yueyue Huang / @burgundy_997
Zahra Sarfraz / @zahrasarfraz
Mikky Kuang / @mikkkymiaow
Makeup: Jana Reininger /@jana.reininger
Hair: Keiichiro Hirano / @khairstudio
Casting director: Studio Bajek / @studiobajek
Setting 1: lplastudios / @lplastudios
Setting 2:
Kami Hu / @kami_hu
Hirotaka Fukumoto / @hirotakafuk
Danielle da Costa / @ddcartpage
Minghao Hou / @mmminghao
Ph assistants:
Chenye / @_ye.chen_
Yiting Xu / @jasonyiting
Yixin Liu / @yixinliu_yo
KK / @biubiukkkk
Photography studio: Your Ldn Studio /
Model: Olivia Sim at Select Model / @oliviasim1@selectmodel.scout

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