Balloon Museum

Photographed by Alberto Alaggio.

Reality will never be the same again. Art and fashion combined in this playful series photographed by Alberto Alaggio at Balloon Museum in Milan.

Artworks at Balloon Museum, Milan.

From the exhibition POP AIR, dedicated to balloons and inflatable art. An out-of-scale experience made up of amazing forms and colors.


THOLOS by Plastique Fantastique
GIALLO 368 by Penique Productions
QUIET STORM by Quiet Ensamble
HYPERCOSMO by HyperStudio
KNOT by Cyril Lancelin

Balloon museum


Photography: Alberto Alaggio / @albialaggio
Styling: Valeria Alaggio / @valeria_alaggio
Makeup/hair: Francesca Bechi / @francescabechi
Production: VA Creative / @vacreative_fact
Set assistant: Mariana Joya / @marianajoyaa
Styling assistant: Andrea Petillo / @drewspet
Model: Sveta Balck at Wonderwall / @svetablack_ @ww_mgmt

Location: Balloon Museum, Milan / @balloon_museum

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