Photographed by Guillem Lopez Nicolau

Presenting Mamifuego’s new collection "Cosmos". The jewelry collection covers the topic of the purpose of the universe and how it influences people in general creating a birth of two visions: from Carl Sagan to the horoscope.



Photography, Creative Direction, Production: Guillem “Will” López Nicolau / @itswillfreeman
Jewelry: Mamifuego / @mamifuego_lab_
Assistant Art Direction and Styling: Aina Losange / @ainalosange
Hair: Alberto “Bambi de los Bosques” / @bambidelosbosbosques
Makeup: Cati Frontera / @cati.frontera_makeup
Editor: Emea / @em_ea
Ph Assistant: Aitana del Sol / @aitanadelsol_
Models: Lya Grace & Aina García Palmer / @lya.gracee @ainagarciapalmer

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