Photographed by Brian Ziff.

A mirrors reflection of internal blossoming shines through a swaying chandelier. She is leaning on her own shoulders, burning books, meeting her own eye and dancing in her own reality. Nobody is watching. A story photographed by Brian Ziff.

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Photography: Brian Ziff / @brianziff
Styling: Whitney Whitaker, Christine Ko / @whiiitwhiiit @christinekoko
Makeup: Carolina Ballesteros / @carolinab_beauty
Hair: Grissel Esparza / @grisselhair
Set Design: Eamonn McGlynn / @eamonnmcglynn
Video Direction: Brian Ziff, Ryan Kevin / @brianziff @ryankevin
Music: Brian Ziff / @brianziff
DP: Ryan Kevin, Daniel Mayúgba / @ryankevin
Editor: Andrew Henry / @andrew_hnry
Audio Mix: Miklos Malek / @miklosmalek
Model: McKenna Hellam / @mckennahellam

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