Bing’s Inner Fountain

A spotlight on London College of Fashion & University of the Arts London graduate Bingqian Lu.

London College of Fashion & University of the Arts London graduate, Bingqian Lu, is capturing the subtle changes and the flowing emotions, while studying the beautiful contradictions, including herself. Trying to convey hedonism without touching on heavy topics, and occasionally with a little dark humor, as happiness is, after all, the most important but rarest thing in today’s society. Expressing emotions from the female perspective, romantic, subtle, fragile, complex and at the same time determined. “Bing’s Inner Fountain” showcased here is an overly personal project, a report of her inner reflection with a ritualistic touch.
“After graduating, I belatedly found that I was thrown into a whole new phase of life. The sudden shift caused me to begin to slip into disorientation and self- doubt, and I realised it was time to look back and deep dive into the self, and know myself more. Then I reviewed my diary for the past 4 years, some strong emotions and my writing logic inspired me to create this collection. Through ‘Bing’s inner fountain’, I want to remind my audience that finding oneself is a permanent topic, to always be sensitive to own changes and emotions, and to listen carefully to the inner voice.” Bingqian Lu

Bing’s Inner Fountain


Creative Directors:
Bingqian Lu / @binbing____0_0 @bing.s_archive
Ruohao Deng / @derham_deng
Photographer: Ruohao Deng / @derham_deng
Fashion designer: Bingqian Lu / @binbing____0_0 @bing.s_archive
Setting: Bingqian Lu / @binbing____0_0 @bing.s_archive
Ruohao Deng / @derham_deng
Make-up: Kangli Zhu / @renee_zh122
Model: @neodetta @ IDOL agency
Assistant: Wenzi

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