Many memories

Photographed by Andres Quintero.

Many memories, she used to say. And a lot of strong winds, too, when you come back to those place that once were but aren't there anymore. A series by Andres Quintero and Christo Triana.

Many memories


Photography: Andres Quintero / @andresquintero____
Styling: Christo Triana / @christotriana
Creative direction: Christo Triana & Andres Quintero / @andresquintero____ @christotriana
Film: Camilo Gutierrez / @camilovengoechea
Makeup/hair: Angie Alamah / @angiealmah
Assitant: Felipe Gomez / @__.pipe.____
Model: Valeria Romaña Gucaya model management / @valeriaromanam @gucayascoutin

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