Outstanding shortcomings

Photographed by Ahn Hong Min.

A reflection on human appearance weaknesses, transformed into colorful art. A cast that includes K-pop star Jeon Ji Woo, photographed by Ahn Hong Min, styled by Ly Gg.

Outstanding shortcomings


Photography: Ahn Hong Min / @hongminshot
Styling and art direction: Ly Gg / @limbowhy
Make up: Nuni / @nuniddi
Hair: Nana / @yunjihyeonana
Retouch: Woo Eun Sun / @imwooeunsun
Photography assistant: Kim Jee Min / @kimxeemin
Models: Jeon Ji Woo, Lemon, Kim Myeong Jun, Kim Naun, Hyunser Park, Theo / @_zziwooo0 @lemonablean @itskim_mj @__naun__ @hyunseo_59 @theomeanstheo

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