Photographed by Apretium.

Any time you need no words. Faces and shapes in motion, captured by Apretium.



Photography: Apretium / @apretium
Styling: Bartlomiej Kaczmarek / @_bartlomiejkaczmarek
Make up: Julia Kusiak / @ilikemyrat
Hair: Aleksandra Kułak / @olakulak_makeup
Ph assistant: @mag.bn
Styling assistant: Vodkin Black / @wodkin

Camera & Editing: @mag.bn
Music: @szymonwojcik_official
Thanks to: Piotr Gaj

Special thanks to: @wojciechtubaja
Alicja M / @ala.mac @rebelmodels
Ola / @alexdobosz @pinokiomodels

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