Birth of Rebirth

Photographed by Sveta Maximova.

Inspired by phase of embryo development and the birth process, a metaphorical story about human nature and the environment affecting the individual. Three parts, showing the birth of a character, his collision with reality and overcoming it due the birth of internal energy, are connected by colour gradation that also symbolizes the contradiction of human essence. A series by Sveta Maximova.

Birth of Rebirth


Photographer and Art Director: Sveta Maximova / @thesvetamaximova
Costume Designer: Mari Krainova / @krainova_mari
Set Design: Maria Savvina / @maria.o5o
Producer: Christina Bobrovskaya / @ttripluss
Make up and Hair: Aina Adamova / @mua_ainora
Body Art: Olga Russkaya / @vrusssss
Lighting Artist: Sveta Maximova / @thesvetamaximova
Lighting Support: Alexandra Chizhova, Liza Exliq / @chizzhik @barrrss
3D Artist: Konstantin Syromyatnikov / @mister.konstant1n
Location: Mayak Stdio, Russia / @mayak_studios
Curator: Stacey Batashova / @staceybatashova @photo_in_media
Talent: Lena Barkina / @_ellenna__

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