Jackie Moontan / Crystal roof

Directed by Arnaud Ele.

Berlin, Jackie expresses his thoughts on his sexual desires and imaginary. He invites us to enter into his intimate world, of domination, of power, of political relationship, submissions, freedom and control. Dictate of desire. Real. Brutal. Video directed by Arnaud Ele.

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Jackie Moontan / Crystal roof


written and performed by Jackie Moontan / @jackie.moontan
xylophone by Pol ‘Bootsy’ Belardi / @polbelardi
Baguette Publishing

Director: Arnaud Ele / @arnaud.ele
Creative producer: Lois Christmann / @loischristmann
DOP: Justinas Milius Miliauskas / @justasmilius
MUAH: Alessandro Strogulski
Production assistant: Yael Ohmer
Costumes: Wild Berlin / @wild_berlin_61
VFX: Lukas Gecevicius / @aetherways
Color grading: Alice Prudhomme / @alice_prudhomme
Graphics & assistant: Laura Knoops / @knoops

Starring: Elena Ricciarelli
and Suzanne the snake, thanks to Marius Bernhard

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