No Land’s Man

The Plague is Me: Une vie de détournements, Kendell Geers’ new retrospective at Galerie Eric Mouchet in Paris

”I am a stranger in the country of my birth by virtue of being too European in my appearance and culture. But at the same time I am unwelcome in Europe on account of my being too African. I embrace Africa, a violent and volatile space where nothing can be taken for granted, where the very best of both the First and the Third Worlds blend and clash. A place where you can die for what you believe in or for the small change in your pocket. I am the abandoned product of a failed experiment, a hybrid of cultures and identities, a contradiction in terms.” Kendell Geers

No Land’s Man / Kendall Geers

Artist: Kendall Geers / @kendell_geers
Gallery: Eric Mouchet/ @galerieericmouchet
Words: Dušan Smodej /  @dusansmodej
Editor: Maria Abramenko / @mariabramenko
Assistant: Camilla Di Pasquale / @micalliroe

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