Favorite Regret

Directed by Hwang Toe.

I stayed here longer, when our eyes were locked together, it was like my mind, my body, myself, was loosened up beside you. A story of regrets in a film directed by Hwang Toe.

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Favorite regret


Director & Dop: Hwang Toe / @hwangtoe_
Art Direction: Seo Junyoung / @joondk
Styling: Lee Sangchan / @oesol_
Make-up: Shin Soyeon / @makeup_syshin
Hair: Ryuna / @_ryuna___
2nd A.C: Han Jungyeob / @forolympia
Focus Puller: Woo Byeong Gu / @woodgrapher_
Gaffer: Park Byeong Ju / @b.think_light
Writer: Kang Joon Seo / @inspirexwarmth
Graphic Design: Kim Jieun / @ieunei
Music: Dario / @makai_space
Wardrobe: @hgbbstudio @youth_lab.kr @leloft_officia
Timo / @timo.ebbers at @jmodel_management
Kate / @fillepai at @a.sset_official

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