Maria Domark (3D)

by Rotem Lebel & Reut Bi.

Experimenting with hyper-reality with muse Maria Domark, in a shiny world created by Rotem Lebel and Reut Bi, animated by Daniela Krol.

Maria Domark (3D)


Creative directors: Rotem Lebel for ArtBook and Reut BI / @rotemleb @reut_bi
Digital Artist: Daniela Krol / @iamdani1
Photography: Rotem Lebel for ArtBook / @rotemleb
Styling: Ben Zeiger / @benzeiger
Makeup: Ronelle Goshen / @ronellea
Hair: Eden Yerushalmy / @edenyeru
Muse: Maria Domark / @maria_domark

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