Restoration of self

Photographed by Sophie Webster.

Through the far and cold depths of space, we have been in the same place for a long long time. Do me a favor, give me time, time reveals. Should we try to fight it? A surreal tale about the continuous cycles mirrored throughout life and nature shot by Sophie Webster.

Restoration of self


Photography: Sophie Webster / @sophwebstrr
Art Direction: Sophie Webster, Ellie Beale / @sophwebstrr @elliebbeale
Creative direction and styling: Harley Graham / @_harleyg_
Set design: Ellie Beale / @elliebbeale
Makeup: Sophie Jeff / @sophieyeffmakeup
Hairstylist: Viktoriia Kostruk / @kostrukhair
Nails: Jessica Ciesco / @matteabout_nails
Producer: Olivia Graham / @_0liviagraham_
Photography assistant: Helena Pourzand
Set design assistant: Lily Tiger
Styling assistant: Medhawi Limbu / @merrmedd
Model: Zoe at IMM Models / @discozoe @immmodels

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