Photographed by Helena Bromboszcz

Celebrating difference and beauties in a myriad of ways. Six models photographed by Helena Bromboszcz.



Photography: Helena Bromboszcz / @helenabromboszcz
Styling: Sylwia Wolska / @sylwolska
Makeup: Nastya Redchyts / @redchytss, Daniela Volkava / @bydanielavolk
Hair: Darina Noskova / @darnoskova
Assistance: Kasia Danioł / @kasiadaniol
Ogi Ugonoh / @ogiugonoh
Ola Kozlowska / @classandra_k
Blanka Boguszewska / @demoiselleb
Zofia Nalepa / @zofianalepa
Alisa Styslavska Fiuk / @a.styslavska
Kasia Danioł / @kasiadaniol

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