Nobuyoshi Araki / A confidential view

A spotlight on the notorious Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki and his erotically charged works of art.

“When you think about death you also start to think about life. A lust for life wells up inside.” A spotlight on the notorious Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki and his erotically charged works of art.

You are going to see symbolism and what is believed as pain reflected in the works from the Tokyo born photographer, Nobuyoshi Araki. The pieces obviously coincide with levels of eroticism. There is also much emotion in each one of his collections/series of photos; they are intimate and at a rank of attention that is quite striking at first.
The subjects and contents themselves are printed on either polaroid’s or film, which in turn is a visceral degree of art and display, making his work more profound. His most prominent work to this day is “Sentimental Journey” 1971 which contains photographs of him and his wife during their honeymoon.
There is also “Tokyo Lucky Hole”, where he captured Sinjuku, Tokyo’s infamous red-light district prior to closing; it reveals the many levels behind the payable-lust culture. The collection gives the pure rawness of what happens behind those bright lights, large doors and velvet curtains. Additionally, there had been many times where punishment was almost required due to grades of obscenity not approved by all, but Araki was always able to evade them.

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