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A spotlight on Arolab Organic the first brand of high-end eco-vegan cosmetics with philanthropic values.

“We are part of nature, so I doubt that there is something more powerful and effective for our health than the natural ingredients that the environment offers us. The secret is to seek the highest quality of raw materials and respect their properties in the different processes, from planting, harvesting and even the way they are handled. If something that comes from horror seems appealing to us, I think we would have to ask ourselves again how much we feel part of the life surrounding us. Unfortunately, the price we pay for this individualism that we use to protect ourselves from the suffering of others, ends up transforming us into victims of our own loneliness.” Luca Lancini

AROLAB organic is born in Barcelona, the first brand of high-end eco-vegan cosmetics with philanthropic values at the initiative of Luca Lancini, an expert Italian architect in sustainability. The purpose of AROLAB organic is to convey, that true luxury must be philanthropic because it promotes values that transcend its tangible characteristics to encompass society and the environment.
The first line they offer is is called 532 Essential: a range of products composed of a cosmetic protocol, based on two highly concentrated serums, and an innovative dental serum for oral aesthetic care. As the name implies, the 532 Essential line, bases its formulas on the opinions of the French aromatherapy school of Rene Maurice Gattefossé and inspires the proportions of all its ingredients in the succession of Fibonacci, the hidden mathematics in the balance of natural geometries, in biological configurations and in how DNA encodes the growth of complex organic forms. Thanks to the synergy between rigidity of mathematics and progress of biotechnology, they have been able to take advantage of the best properties that nature offers us, creating products of extraordinary effectiveness, and certified by the Bio Inspecta, BioVida sana, Vegan Society, Peta Vegan and Cruelty free and Zero impact web associations, as well as having been dermatologically tested and proven effectiveness by independent laboratories.
The entire line of AROLAB Organic is produced, packaged and wrapped by hand in Barcelona and is one of the few cosmetic lines that can boast of 100% hand-made production in Europe. To guarantee the quality, the freshness of the ingredients and to be able to choose only the best crops, AROLAB Organic, produces respecting the cycle of seasons and limits each production to a few hundred units, which in addition to being numbered, are sent with a letter written and signed by the author himself. Following a 360 degrees philosophy of sustainability, they have also incorporated, in boxes and packaging labelling, braille writing for the blind. To compensate for the environmental impact of production, the company plants a tree for each unit produced, in addition to investing in projects for the protection of people and animals.

Where beauty meets ethics

532 Essential Beauty Box by Arolab Organic / @arolaborganic

Cover photo: Gloria Silva
Photos: Marco Giuliano / @marcogiulianoph

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