Agape Lodge Poetry Society

In conversation with Vanessa Matic.

Vanessa Matic, the versatile artist and author of "Romance and Revolution" published by Tough Poet Press, is also the founder and master of ceremonies to Agape Lodge Poetry Society, a monthly gathering of writers, musicians, and artists in Los Angeles, CA. Besides her literary pursuits, she delves into music, as evident in her band Plastic Bombs.

What sparked your creative journey?

I’ve been writing since I can remember. At ten, I had my first piece published in Stone Soup Magazine. From there, I explored various creative outlets, from poetry to music to filmmaking. It’s my way of connecting with the world while expressing my unique perspective as an outsider.

Can you share your top three memorable reading events?

One memorable event was at El Cid for a Christmas poetry night where Shia Lebouf showed up. He got his face painted like a reindeer and asked me to read for him. He asked what my process was like and why I was drawn to writing, I have a feeling he was pretty sauced that night but so was I. Another unforgettable reading was marred by a spilled glass of red wine on my white Versace attire, turning it into a tragic yet stylish moment. Lastly, at a recent event, clad in Dries Van Noten, I made a dramatic exit after urging the audience to respect the next reader, which ended with a somewhat graceful fall.

Tell us about Agape Lodge Poetry Society.

Agape Lodge Poetry Society is a haven for artists to come together without barriers, sharing their writing, music, and other forms of art. I wanted to recreate the spirit of New York in the 80s, where creativity thrived without constraints. It’s a space for artists to support each other and foster genuine connections.

What’s a typical event like at the Agape Lodge Poetry Society?

It’s been described as the best poetry collective in Los Angeles. The night features readings as the main focus, accompanied by complementary music. It’s a chance to step back, listen, and connect with the truths expressed through poetry and music. Everyone who attends becomes part of our creative family, sharing experiences and strengthening our bond.

Do you have plans for another poetry book or any other artistic endeavors?

I have a poetry book ready for release, a novel in need of more work, and new music in the works. Alongside these projects, I also enjoy painting and filmmaking. The order of release is uncertain, but there’s plenty in store for my audience.

Any message for your followers?

Don’t take life too seriously—party serious. And join us at Agape Lodge Poetry Society. Come one, come all…experience the magic.

Follow two poems “Illusion” and “Dirty Duchess” by Vanessa Matic.


An optical illusion covers the psychotic neurosis I am faced with in a sleepless paralysis that eats up my days.

Everyone thinks I am happy go lucky and I am. As I move in silence to light the hearts of other happy faces.

It brings me the small pleasure of joy, if rare, still better than none. I empty myself out. The soul that sighs with

each brutal breath. Always awaiting this ending, when lovers turn away from one another. Friends leave with

their lovers, no one is around anymore. Your pets die too. I cry till my eyes deform. I’ve always been a monster

in the corridor of butterflies that drown. Identity crisis has never escaped into my multiple personalities that all

bicker until I am a nowhere angel resting upon the shore of your kiss that never arrived and I am taken by the

burning sky that devours my flesh until I am returned to heaven.

Dirty Duchess

Every devious woman wants to fall down some shaft if not an elevator and
get a concussion to turn her into a nymphomaniac

Sick of the consequences of love, obedience, sense and manipulation
The birth of life from thy womb, fingernails ripped off in the fall

Another wedding of a best dressed woman, marrying the devil over and
over again before the ink dries

To be beautiful in the hands of deceit, the abomination of loves sorrow
is within roaming eyes that stay out late

Perhaps the massive head trauma made one intensely intimate for
knowing death is close in a marriage of hell

Agape Lodge Poetry Society


Talent: Vanessa Matic / @miamatixx
Photography: Joey Camello

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