• All Tomorrow’s parties

    Stxdyoz’ s artistic and cultural event in Venice at Palazzina Grassi, sponsored by Residenza725

An artistic frequency in the evocative historical context of Palazzina Grassi in Venice, on the occasion of the pre-opening of the 2024 Biennale Arte. A multicultural and performative flow by Stxdyoz and Residenza725.

With a bohemian flavour enriched by dusky and punk rock tones, reminiscent of 1990s grunge and the dystopian gaze of David Lynch, in the heart of Venice, a background steeped in history transforms into a fertile expression of modern grid.

The evening was sponsored by Residenza 725, an e-commerce platform in the fashion industry formerly known as Coltorti before its recent rebranding. Today, it emerges as a prominent and culturally sensitive patron. In addition to its collaboration with Stxdyoz , it boasts previous artistic partnerships, such as with MiArt, where it became the sponsor of an award bearing its name.

With the cinematic imprint of a French auteur film and a strong rock flavour, the event materialises as a multicultural and performative whirlwind embracing art, club culture, and avant-garde fashion in a realm of free expression. With a determined intent to break conventional norms, it embodies a cohesive yet heterogeneous pulse of visions.

The performative soul of the event sees the alliance of sonic sounds by @aloegarten, @cosmo_marcojb, @lunapassoss, and @flux_by_uchiha. The evening was a harmonious convergence of creativity and cultural resonance, a flow of vibrations, harmonies, and disruptions of equilibrium.

All Tomorrow’s parties / Venice Biennale


Organizers: Stxdyoz / @stxdyoz
Residenza 725 / @residenza725
Venue: Palazzina Grassi / @palazzinagrassi
Photos: Francis Delacroix / @francisdelacroixstudio
Review: Annalisa Fabbrucci / @annalisa_fabbrucci
Editor: Maria Abramenko / @mariabramenko

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