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A talk with Anyma, the brainchild of Tale Of Us’ Matteo Milleri.

In conversation with Matteo Milleri, half of the worldwide known music duo “Tale Of Us” about his new solo project Anyma, an immersive 360 digital art and music experience. Celebrating his newly launched EP “Claire” under Rose Avenue Records with his special selection of tracks for our latest Soundscape release. Stay tuned for the world’s first full-size full-definition NFT music video to be released by Anyma in collaboration with Berlin-based digital artist Giusy Amoroso aka Marigoldff and IOR50 Studio out on 21st July.

A pioneering musical concept, Anyma is a self-generated consciousness, coding itself from data clouds and presenting its digital persona through art. Can you give us an insight into this boundary-pushing, multidisciplinary phenomenon? Is it a project born during lockdown?

I’ve always been fascinated by the opportunities of the Metaverse and how the future generations will experience and perceive art and music. It’s my strong belief that this constantly evolving digital landscape presents a chance for artists to cultivate a more connected and immersive experience, both live and at home. This goes for social and solitary interactions too. Anyma is a project inspired by my deep rooted passion for electronic music with strong ties to technology and digital art. Its intention is to create a unique sonic and visual landscape where my artistic vision will have the freedom to evolve.

Utilizing the immense possibilities of Extended Reality, Anyma creates a universal language all of its own, bringing the artist and the audience closer and blurring the boundaries between real and surreal. Following this line of thought how have you envisioned the live performances?

A live show is being carefully prepared and designed as we speak. The vision is to present a hybrid of DJing and live performance, computer and analog synthesis. Like Anyma itself, this is about merging different worlds and experiences into one singular creative expression. A full audiovisual show will transport the audience into an immersive 360 digital art and music experience.

We know you will be releasing Anyma’s debut album “Genesys” later in the year. Can you give us a sneak peak, what should we expect?

“Genesys” is going to be released on Afterlife while being for me a progression into a broader land-scape influenced by my roots, but transcending the limits of a normal dance floor DJ experiences. My first EP ‘Sentient’ was released on Afterlife but singles after that will appear on other labels, like Rüfüs du Sol’s Rose Avenue. I’ve assembled a dynamic team of collaborators for the EPs and al-bum. It’s a broad spectrum of artists: The Irrepressibles, Lie Ning, Janus Rasmussen, Rosa An-schütz and more. Each of these collaborators adds a poetic, human touch to Anyma’s output am-plifying the soulful aspect of the project.

Will this solo project affect in any way the Tale Of Us duo and it’s evolution?

Anyma and MRAK – Carmine’s solo project – are our way to freely explore artistic individualities and to have a creative output outside of Tale Of Us. Anyma is a project inspired by my deep rooted passion for electronic music with strong ties to technology and digital art. Its intention is to create a unique sonic and visual landscape where my artistic vision will have the freedom to evolve and is meant to run in parallel to Tale Of Us and to actually empower this.

You come from different places that surely influenced your work, Milan, Berlin, USA and Ibiza, but which place describes the most your music?

Of course traveling so much was a big inspiration, being in touch with so many creative thinkers in the wide world. Especially in the environment we live in, you get to know a lot of artists, musicians, designers and creative minds – what an inspiring community. Especially in the different nationalities and places we travel, it has always been interesting to me to compare individuals thoughts with others people’s creativity. The places I have visited and the opportunities of the Metaverse are now the horizons of Anyma.

What do you think of the Italian electronic scene? And how do you feel perceived by your local audience, it is different from your fans from abroad?

The electronic scene in Italy is a massive scene. A very strong and thriving community that has been supportive of me and that I have supported my whole career. The perception has changed a lot in the years, of course, as everything became more international especially in the inclusive techno scene. I would therefore say it’s very European and at the same time also very passiona-te because of the Italian and Latin ethos.

Can you share with us a track that defined your lockdown and one track that you listen on repeat at the moment?

There would be too many. It has been a very challenging and also productive time but I think we all have been going through phases … one track wouldn’t be able to describe the journey we have been going through.

Is it the fashion environment something that you take in consideration? Have you ever worked on a runway playlist?

I always believed in the synergy between the different forms of art. Music, Art & Fashion are a uni-que way to express your individual creativity, without boundaries or limitations. I have had the op-portunity to compose and produce the soundtrack for Ann Demeulemeester’s FW21/22 campaign as well as the show-room mix tape. This has been an amazing creative opportunity and I am exci-ted to explore those connections further.

Which is the future of clubs in a post-covid world?

I wish I knew the answer to this as I’m sure others do too. We are definitely here, standing for what we have been building for many years and hoping we can developing it further.

Listen to Soundscapes vol.61, a playlist curated by Anyma


Artist: Anyma / @anyma_ofc
“Claire” EP / buy / stream
Photography: Tarek Mawad / @tarekmawad
Editor: Anca Macavei / @ancamacavei
Interview: Silvia Valente / @silviavalentevi

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