"Dero" by Heith

out now on Bill Kouligas’ PAN.

Daniele Guerini aka Heith is the co-founder of highly acclaimed Haunter Records and ex-curator of Milan’s notorious venue Macao. He will soon release his first album and debut on Bill Kouligas’ PAN imprint, ‘X, Wheel’ on October 7th but ahead of that today he releases a surrealist music video for the track ‘Dero.’

The track title comes from the informal name of the inhabitants of the lost civilisation Lemuria, according to the writing of American writer Richard Shavers. The video is inspired by the architecture and films of Robert Weine, he is most well-known for his expressionist silent film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Following along in this style, the story behind ‘Dero’ takes place in a liminal world after the fall of a city, an underworld where reality becomes mythological again, and the coming of a new language is awaited in a desolate post-human scenario.

The video was directed by environmental design studio DECLINO, founded by architect Andrea Belosi and game designer Alessandro Bertelle. It features unknown letters and symbols belonging to a mysterious language scroll on the walls of the ruins. The language is called “Angel’s Hair”, an asemic, non-linear language developed by Heith and Pietro Agostoni as vehicle for ineffable communications, subconscious manifestations and cybernetic divination.

DECLINO created a fantastic landscape in which the ruins of a city become an oracle and, invaded by symbols and letters, tells a story of renaissance, death and rebirth.

As the music itself came first, mysterious sounds pervade the ruins, turning them into a mean to inspire new forms of collective consciousness and communication. A window on the unknown, a ride through a human & AI-generated city, unveiled at the end of its decadence and on its way towards future splendor.


Artist: Daniele Guerrini aka Heith / @heith___
Single: Dero / https://pan.lnk.to/Dero
Lettering: Pietro Agostoni @pietroagostoni
Concept and video: Declino / @andrea.declino @gvn908
Photos: Sam Clarke / @samclarke_nyc

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