Die Sekte Klubnacht

November 25th, 2022 in Milan.

We have partnered with DIE SEKTE Label and FBLD Latex to bring some Berlin freedom & pure/heavy techno vibes in Milan this Friday, November 25th at Silicone Club. LINE-UP: ◤ BLANKA (headliner) ◤ SYNNLADY GOCCIAMONURGALUCE

Below a conversation with BLANKA on this occasion together with a special playlist, a sneak peak on what to expect from the evening. This event is a “SAFE SPACE NIGHT”, so feel free to express yourself, there’s only one rule: RESPECT EACH OTHER.

Listen to Soundscapes vol.118, curated by BLANKA

Current state of mind.
I’m very happy!

Is BLANKA your real name or is it an artistic name? Where does it come from and what does it mean to you?

My real name is Blanca, I wanted to keep my name by changing something so it is in capital letters, it means purity and brilliant, and I like the meaning of it.

What is your first memory with music? The first song you remember, the first instrument you played, the first concert you went to.

My first memory of music I have is Flamenco, since it is very typical where I am from. The first song I remember: Pereza – Princesas . Also the first concert was with this band too. And the first instrument I played is called: ¨cajón¨ in Spanish.

What was your first DJ gig like?

I remember I was very nervous, but it was an incredible experience to have the opportunity to play in public.

Did you always know you were going to dedicate your life to music? Or was there something else in mind before DJ-ing came by?

Music has always been with me all my life, but no, I tried many things before until I knew that I wanted to dedicate myself to music. I worked as a model for a few years until I realised that I didn’t want this for all my life, although I love fashion.

How did you start the label Room Trax with Angioma?

We met in Barcelona, I started working with them running the social networks, until everyone in the team decided to leave. Then Alexy (Angioma) and I stayed. We decided to adapt the name and the concept and start the brand again together.

When and why did you decide to move from Barcelona to Berlin, the capital of techno? How do you feel the techno scene and crowd has received you there?

Im from Córdoba south of Spain, but I left home when I was 18 years old. I lived in Barcelona for three years, which were incredible. During the pandemia Alexy (Angioma) and I decided to move to Berlin to focus on our career of music and development of our brand, Room Trax. The techno scene here is unique, it is an advantage to be able to listen to artists who inspire you and be able to learn something.

How is your creative process when making music? Where do you start from?

Normally I start looking for what is most important to me, which is a good kick and bassline, then I add the drums and some percussion, depending on my mood, I look for some synth pattern and samples.

What inspired your latest release “7 Lives” and why did you chose Marsch and Insolate for the remixes?

I always wanted to make an EP only by female producers on our label Room Tax. I am very happy with the results with the original tracks and the remixes by Insolate and Marsch, they did a great job!

What does it mean to be a female producer? Do you still feel there is a bigger difficulty for women and dissidences to insert themselves in the music industry? Or do you think this gap has really changed?

I think it’s much better now than it was years ago and now there are a lot more women DJ-ing or making music. But from my experiences I think unfortunately there is still a way for us to be equal in this industry, I hope this will change in the future.

How is your music digging process? Do you listen to other DJ sets, do you use YouTube, Spotify? How do you consume and select the music for your sets?

I have different ways of searching music, for example with labels that I like and I start searching from their oldest releases, producers that I like, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc.

Give us an insight on your collaboration with Die Sekte and a sneak peak on what we should we expect from the party on Friday 25th November at Silicone Club in Milan.

Looking forward to Milano for Die Sekte, I heard only amazing things about it! Expect only good vibes all night long!

Tell us a secret.

I don’t know how to whistle.

Die Sekte Klubnacht, Milano / 25 November

Label: Die Sekte / @diesekte.rec / RSVP
Artist: BLANKA / @i.am.blanka
Interview: Agustina Passeron / @anit_sugar

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