Abstract Invocations

A chat with Erwin Wurm.

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Petulia Mattioli / The Same and the Other

Art&Culture | Spotlight
A spotlight on Petulia Mattioli’s new exhibit “The Same and the Other” at the Pocko Gallery, London.

Die Sekte Klubnacht, Milan (25/11)

Art&Culture | Soundscapes
We have partnered with DIE SEKTE Label and FBLD Latex to bring some Berlin freedom & pure/heavy techno vibes in Milan this Friday, November 25th at Silicone Club. LINE-UP: ◤ BLANKA (headliner) ◤ SYNN ◤ LADY GOCCIA ◤ MONURGA ◤ LUCE ◤ Below a conversation with BLANKA on this occasion together with a special playlist, a sneak peak on what to expect from the evening.

Ohii Katya / Metamorphosis

Art&Culture | Interview
In conversation with Ohii Katya, the artist who combines performance, sculpture, and installation diving into the dark and gloomy process of metamorphosis. Exploring the practices, she evokes the subconscious and the spiritual transforming it into a tangible and moving dimension.