• Experimental Sensory Hub

    Monogrid invited the public to attend the exclusive digital event at Base, Milan.

On May 4th, digital art, music, and multi sensory performance found a home at BASE, one of Milan’s premier cultural centre presented by Le Cannibale & Mesh.

Starting from the early afternoon hours until the following morning, a multisensory experience focusing on digital design, sound, and performance was implemented. This initiative was launched by Monogrid, a digital boutique agency known for its diverse work with augmented reality. After collaborating with some of the highest fashion brands, in this instance we see Monogrid partnering with Le Cannibale, long an emblem of Milanese entertainment.

The experience was designed to offer visitors a 360-degree view of the digital and artistic world and is structured around three main segments: a visual and performance moment, an informative session, and finally, one dedicated to club culture.

The day began with a digital installation accessible to the public from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm, where sound and space interacted to create a unique harmony. Stepping into a large, dark space with an industrial and Berlin-style, visitors were faced with a long linear queue formed by a series of LED panels and many small square structures positioned one behind the other. The performative aspect lies in the perfect balance between optical dynamism and sonic rhythm: light pulsations and patterns are created and managed to be in perfect sync with the electronic space tracks playing in the background.

The adjacent room is a continuation of this aspect, and although the dynamic part is less prominent here, what is highlighted is the visual aspect: large beams of blue light cut through the room, creating a dystopian and futuristic atmosphere. This concise yet intense interaction serves as an initial introduction to the vast world of multisensory experience and digital art, topics that were further explored in the afternoon during the talk session entitled SONUS.

From 6:00 pm onwards, attendees could participate in a true debate on audiovisual design moderated by Monogrid’s CEO, Francesco Bernabei, in collaboration with the Digital Design Days festival and with the participation of leading figures in the industry, including Filippo Spiezia, Founder of Digital Design Days; Salvo Giunta, Co-founder and Creative Director of Ditroit; Guido Smider, CEO of Smider Agency; Francesco Caradonna, Founder and Artistic Director of The Curators Milan and Creative Director of COMASTUDIO; and Lucia Emanuela Curzi, Co-creative Director of COMASTUDIO and The Curators Milan. Digital interactions, storytelling, craft fashion, and future projects are just a few of the vast realms addressed.

The cultural meeting was a true immersion into visual expression, technologic empathy, and the myriad fields connected to it, as Filippo Spiezia aptly puts it: “The world of design is inherently transversal, connecting unexpected and different worlds.” This also served as a pre-announcement of what will take place in Milan this autumn: the grand return of the Digital Design Days, an initiative that started in 2016 and quickly became an internationally renowned event.

The peak of the multisensory and interactive aspect was achieved with the integration of nightlife into the artistic realm, following the concept “Design and technologies share experiences.” BASE transformed into a dance floor and stage for a line-up featuring the best house and techno music.

Once again, Le Cannibale succeeded in bringing magnetic and exclusive entertainment. Monogrid’s performative installation became an interactive backdrop in perfect harmony with the sound flow of Giale and Creamy, and the renowned DJ and producer Objekt. Thus, from the early hours of the day, there was a fluid exchange of interactions culminating in the highest sound vibration.

Experimental Sensory Hub


Event : Mesh / @mesh_experiences
By: Monogrid / @monogrid
Le Cannibale / @lecannibaleclub
Venue: Base / @base_milano
Words: Annalisa Fabbrucci / @annalisa_fabbrucci
Editor: Anca Macavei / @ancamacavei

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