• We Travel To Know Our Own Geography

    Kuboraum & Terraforma multi-sensory event at Combo, in Venice

On the 18th and 19th of April, at COMBO, artists, performers, and DJs came together to create not just a party, but a cathartic journey exploring themes of bodily limits and harmony.

In the heart of Venice, amidst the prelude to the 60th Venice Biennale, an electrifying convergence unfolded at COMBO, a meticulously restored 12th-century monastery steeped in cultural resonance. Here, on April 18th and 19th, KUBORAUM, the avant-garde fashion house with roots stretching between Milan and Berlin, orchestrated a unique sensory odyssey.

Teaming up with Terraforma, an innovative platform synonymous with musical eclecticism and sustainability, KUBORAUM forged an alliance dedicated to pushing artistic boundaries beyond conventional limits. Their collaboration birthed not merely a gathering but an immersive expedition titled “We Travel to Know Our Own Geography.”

At the helm of this transformative voyage were renowned artists, performers, and DJs, each poised to unravel the mysteries of body language and sound.

From the ethereal melodies of Alys to the raw, pulsating beats of Nkisi & Tiran Willemse…the entire lineup ( Canzonieri,  Emma Dj featuring Rainy Miller, LABOUR, Lara Dâmaso Lord Spikeheart, SALO Ubiquitous, STILL B2B Low Jack, and Valentina Magaletti) transcended genres, inviting participants to traverse the realms of physicality and abstraction.

Against the backdrop of COMBO’s ancient walls, attendees were not mere spectators but integral voyagers in a communal tapestry of expression. As performers seamlessly transitioned between sets, the distinctions between artist and audience dissolved, giving rise to a collective collaboration of uninhibited creativity. Guided by the ethos of unrestricted freedom, participants found themselves immersed in a realm where prejudice and categorization held no sway. It was a celebration of artistic liberation, a testament to the profound impact of creativity in fostering resilience and unity amidst the labyrinthine landscape of Venice.

Kuboraum & Terraforma / We Travel To Know Our Own Geography


Event by: kuboraum / @kuboraum
Terraforma / @terraformafestival
Venue: Combo / @thisiscombo
Review: Annalisa Fabbrucci / @annalisa_fabbrucci
Editor: Maria Abramenko / @mariabramenko

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