Martin Eder / Karmageddon

Martin Eder’s first Belgian solo exhibition at Tick Tack in Antwerp.

Karmageddon is Martin Eder’s first solo exhibition in Belgium, at TickTack, an Antwerp-based experimental space. A visually stunning exploration of the brutality and ruthlessness of our times, this project explores the notion of being constantly under the hypnosis of social media and its “fast dopamine” culture. In a world, where images are produced at an unprecedented rate, Eder questions the role of painting in contemporary society in which hanging an image on a wall for an indefinite period seems almost anachronistic.

Martin Eder / Karmageddon

Artist: Martin Eder / @martinederatelier
Editor: Maria Abramenko / @mariabramenko
Assistant: Alisia Marcacci / @miabrowe
Venue: TICK TACK /

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