The Same and the Other

A spotlight on Petulia Mattioli’s new exhibition at the Pocko Gallery, London.

Petulia Mattioli’s new exhibit “The Same and the Other” at Pocko Gallery, London can be seen as the fruition of a philosophy that has been guiding her for some time. Where she remembers her life’s direction by writing it on her skin: “My body was once rebellious, but now it’s a love story, I’ve traced my own route like road map, and each segment is a place where I may return.”

Petulia Mattioli / The Same and the Other

Artist: Petulia Mattioli@petuliamattioli
Words: Jamie Macleod Bryden / @jamiemacleodbryden
Editor: Maria Abramenko / @mariabramenko
Assistant: Camilla Di Pasquale / @micalliroe

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