Poppy’s Little Secret

A chat with Poppy.

A dive into Poppy’s wonder chamber with a private and deep look on her unique artistic perspective. In conversation with the alternative songwriter and performer on the occasion of the launch of “Poppy’s Little Secret”. An exclusive collaboration with Manchester based vegan footwear brand Koi Footwear inspired by the artist’s genre blurring music and her avant-garde pop-electro-kawaii-metal persona, two styles are juxtaposed using calming pastels and daring spikes.

“Poppy” is one of the slyest and unique art projects of the digital age. The name might sound comfortable and girlish when you first hear it, but the poppy flower has many symbolic meanings. What is “Poppy” for you?

Divinity, contrast, and beauty.

You introduced yourself for 10 minutes in the “I’m Poppy” video that became viral. How important was it for you to put yourself out there and tell the world that you existed and wanted to be seen?

I knew I needed to summarize myself in a poignant fashion, I felt that was the best form.

Poppy Version Zero was mostly about supernaturally Barbie-blond hair and a pastel-hued kawaii inspired aesthetic, while nowadays you are moving towards a more edgy and darker way of presenting yourself. Can you tell us more about the current moment in your life and about this new persona, is it a more elevated version of yourself?

The current version is more closely intertwined with experience and reflective of the inner self.

You were the muse for the famous luxury fashion house Viktor&Rolf and now the co-designer and Art Director of the new capsule collection of the Manchester-based vegan footwear brand Koi Footwear. Is fashion becoming your new creative platform?

Fashion has always been a part of me and a part of my art. I’ve always said that fashion is like wearing your insides on your outside.

Koi Footwear is a brand that embodies generation-Z and the power of internet to make viral trends using meme culture as inspiration. Can you tell us how did this collaboration came about?

I feel very fortunate to be able to collaborate with people who I’m inspired by. The collaboration with Koi was very natural. I wore their shoes in a number of videos that I created, and I love their designs and the fact that they are a sustainable brand is a +++.

Can you share with us an insight into the creative process of designing ‘Poppy’s little secret’ capsule collection?

The idea for the collection to me was more about creating comfortable shoes that can be worn on a casual day but are still statement pieces.

You were recently nominated for the Grammy awards in the category “Best Metal Performance” and you’ve been imitated twice on Snatch Game on RuPaul’s Drag Race. How does it feel to be so iconic at such a young age? Would you have imagined your life otherwise?

I love RuPaul’s Drag Race and I am entirely flattered that they included me in the show. I have been a fan for a while. As for the nomination, I am also very grateful and so appreciative. Iconic is a silly word. I just like to make art that’s what all this is about anyway.

In your lyrics you have recurrent references to blood, death, annihilation and the bizarre, all so spontaneously futuristic. Can you tell us more about what moves you and inspires you to create?

Extreme occurrences and situations inspire me. Not because I go out seeking them at all but the way that human beings handle themselves in life and the psychology is appealing to observe.

Your sense of style in fashion is so powerful and very far from a “Nashville girl who can sing”, do you feel influenced by your heritage or you rather reject it?

Well, I was born in Boston and lived in Nashville for a period of time. I would say that I am a smoothie (like the drink). I have very different memories and influences from the times that I lived in both places as well as my experiences traveling. I think I am a product of escapism.

You are a well-rounded artist, there is no creative medium thing you haven’t tried. How powerful and liberating is it for you to express yourself on so many platforms?

Anything that I am drawn to or want to try I must try it out. There are things that I must see for myself and experience first-hand. Life is too short to live in a box and I believe I would be doing myself a disservice to identify with just one medium.

Can you share with us a little secret?

I wore hand-me-downs and clothes from Goodwill until I was 20 and could pay for clothing from stores.

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