8 Years Anniversary

Synoid reflects on its history; the anniversary is not just about music.

Proudly announcing its 8th-anniversary celebration, Synoid is at the pulse of Berlin’s techno scene & promises a profound reflection on almost a decade of unforgettable moments. From February 9th to 12th, a 60-hour+ marathon showcasing an exceptional lineup of local and international talents at RSO Berlin.

Listen to Soundscapes vol.152, curated by Synoid.


LINE-UP: Acierate b2b Tham – Adrestia – ASEC live – AYLIN IDAH – Blame the Booker – Butschi – CARAVEL – CARV – Cryptofauna – Dica & TEOKAD live – DJ GUESTLIST – DJ Hyaluron – Hadone – Justin Tinderdate – Kim She – Krl Mx – Lorenzo Lacchesi – Laure Croft – madwoman – Messiahwaits – MOIA – New Frames live – P.E.A.R.L. – Parallx b2b Obscure Shape – Spacer Woman – Trancemaster Krause b2b HØLEIGH – Vendex – Wallis – Xiorro

Techno world is a real aim that doesn’t concern only music and traces, but it represents a way of perceiving life. Over the years, through generations and shared moments, with both solid and newfound connections, people come together united by hypnotic sounds in a vast community. All these memories and more, etched in our hearts, are reborn and celebrated in one grand event: Synoid’s 8th Anniversary on 9-12 February. This sound odyssey is a non-stop weekend where some of the most important and significant DJs from around the world unite to create a 60-hour lineup. The venue is Rso.Berlin, emphasising the celebration of Berlin’s techno scene and past shared events. A multitude of artists was chosen to offer a captivating experience, each playing the role of a narrator in a sound and visual performance, unveiling a magnetic story.

The essence of this event lies in the fact that techno is not just about music; it’s a strong way to create a community, representing the voluntary pursuit of ideals. Here, there’s a clear purpose of showcasing to the world the immense power of sound as a perfect tool to share values. The organisers decided to focus on Queer Housing, defending and supporting the “queerhome” project from Sonntags-Club e.V, an organisation dedicated to helping queer individuals with their needs. Communication and details are crafted to foster a sense of equity, solidarity, and freedom. Built on this concept, artists give maximum exposure to their talents and qualities, without limits or categorisations. All performances are a fluid mix of different elements, with the final techno sound being a deep condensation of various backgrounds. Some draw inspiration from literature and history like Vendex, others from rave scenes like Adrestia, or from ’90s traces like Hadone, and some create a gender-fluid sound by blending a flurry of ravey synths and sensual vocals as Spacer Woman. This marathon is a stage of experimentation not only concerning sound but also visual impact. Some DJs decide to incorporate specific techniques and technological tools to create dynamic setups, such as Aylin Idah. Others choose to create an innovative trace by blending old backgrounds with new quirky-progressive trance gems, like Cryptofauna. And this is just a small preview of thousands of surprises. Techno is a limitless playground where people unified by the same love of music can express themselves and feel part of a group. This artistic expression should not be underestimated because it’s one of the greatest and magnetic expedient to share the right values and activate a society. Building on this and aiming to contribute maximally, SYNIOD created, for the first time, a special pass “community tickets” from which 10% of the proceeds will go to charity. Each year, a new project to support will be chosen by social vote.

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