Write Your Dreams In Invisible Ink

The Sirens of Titan return with a short film for their new single, premiering exclusively on Nasty.

The actress Sophie Kennedy Clark, who made her screen debut in Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, stars in the short film for the new single by London-based art-rockers The Sirens of Titan, which premieres today exclusively on NASTY. Directed by the band’s songwriter and frontman John-Paul Pryor, the film for the single “Write Your Dreams In Invisible Ink” marries the shimmering melancholic atmosphere of the song to images that seem to convey a psychedelic snapshot of suburban ennui and existential crisis – focusing upon a quiet and unsettling act of self-harm. There are shades of Dadaist filmmaking in the brutal arthouse switches in the colour palette throughout, while the blurred end of the film has the kind of dreamlike quality one might ascribe to the likes of David Lynch. It’s the second film by The Sirens frontman to feature the excellent camerawork of his musical partner Jez Leather, and together they have managed to shine an unusually dark light on the actress, whose performance feels emotive and uncomfortably authentic. We can only hope that it is the second of many films to come from the creative duo at the heart of this truly enigmatic band.

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