Thin Air / The Beams

A spotlight on the new cultural space located in East London and its first ever exhibition.

Thin Air is the new exhibition curated by Alex Czetwertynski and aims to take the public on a ‘transformative journey’ through its 55,000 square metres of space. Bringing together works by seven contemporary artists from around the world, the exhibition explores the boundaries between art and technology through light, sound and new experimental media.

Thin Air / The Beams

Artist: С Е Т А П / @setupdesigns   James Clar / @_james_clar  Kimchi and Chips / @studiokimchiandchips   Matthew Schreiber / @matthewschreiberart Studio Robert Henke / @studio.robert.henke    UCLA Arts Conditional Studio / @uclaconditional    404.ZERO /
Curator: Alex Czetwertynski / @alexczetwertynski
Words: Jamie Bryden / @jamiemacleodbryden
Editor: Maria Abramenko / @mariabramenko
Assistant: Alisia Marcacci / @miabrowe
Venue: Beams / @thebeamslondon  BROADWICKLIVE / @broadwicklive
Photo credit: Beams / @thebeamslondon  Jamie Bryden / @jamiemacleodbryden Maria Abramenko / @mariabramenko

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