Annakiki / Post-Apocalyptic Anthropocene

Backstage during Milan Fashion Week.

Being a part of the Milan Fashion Week since 2017 designer Anna Yang has fascinated with her futuristic designs year for year. Abstract curves and metallic fabrics form its own language, creating a sort of “gear” for a post-apocalyptic world. “The dresses I prefer are those I invent for a life that does not yet exist” once said the French designer Pierre Cardin. This quote seems to be fitting for the designs Anna Yang creates. When taking a closer look at her the latest collection a sort of vintage take on futurism is highlighted. The Chinese designer plays with trends from the past that have recently been brought back into contemporary culture such as biker jackets and distressed denim looks, while interpreting these into her own dystopian vision. Elegance and cyberpunk and wasteland punk elements, in a rather frosty color palette harmonised in perfect balance. In addition to the armor, the collection features a collaboration with Italian accessories brand AnGostura, which often draws inspiration from ancient occult and indigenous cultures to create imaginative “body sculptures.”

Annakiki / Post-Apocalyptic Anthropocene


Photography: Timothy Boue / @timothyboue
Words: Fee Marie Loebel / @feetasticcc

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