Body mountains

Photographed by Arianna Angelini.

I set out on the long and arduous climb up the steep slope, my mind racing with thoughts of the flames and the destruction they could bring. Fatima in a fashion story shot by Arianna Angelini and styled by Arianna Zanetti.

Body Mountains


Photography: Arianna Angelini / @arianna_angelini
Styling: Arianna Zanetti / @arianznt
Agency: Vision&Connection
Make-up: Serena Palma / @serenapalmaaa
Hairstylist: Gabriele Marozzi / @gab_marozzi using @upgrade.italia.official e @mrsmithhair
Styling assistants: Alessia Capobianco; Giulia Sangalletti / @giuumanji
Model: Fatima Conda / @fatimakoanda

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