Cat Cult

Photographed by Leeman.

Staring at the mirror, checking if We exist. Shapes, lines, colours, gestures. I’ve always thought I wasn’t that, the true image is the one reflected in someone else’s eyes. An original story shot by Leeman.

Cat Cult


Photography: Leeman / @leemanphoto
Styling: Hui Yin / @hyin_
Hair: Kolen / @kolen128
Makeup: Shen / @shensapphire
Lighting: Jeff / @realjeff
Nail: Amor Nails / @amor.c.nails
Assistant: Amos /
Models: Juliet / @beanjuu by @questartistsmodels and Rachel / @songryh
Cat Model: @mrtreeissofly, @present_hoho and @dubu_gamja

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