Cities of Glass

Photographed by Marco Giuliano.

You've come a long way to find emptiness; under lights that never go out we walk away and focus on the change. A fashion story photographed in Berlin by Marco Giuliano and styled by Anca Macavei with unique crochet designs by Sougarees.

Can you give us an insight into Sougaree, how did it all come about and who is the creative behind it?

I was captivated by art since i can remember, i was painting and sketching from a really young age and i did study Interior Architecture and design. Throughout my studies i got the opportunity to learn about textile art and i was fascinated. As i was finishing my studies i started searching for a good university to continue studying Fashion design but an unfortunate event stopped my from following my dream. Well, i guess your destiny will always find you. There was a period in my life that i had the free time and so i started my research to learn more about fashion design and that was the starting point. Crochet came when i had an idea for a top i wanted to make for myself. I devoted myself to it, i was so inspired by the maintenance of a past technique such as crochet and what is driving my creativity is the interest i find while trying to renaissance the technique to modern figures and patterns. That’s how Sougaree was created. From day one up to now everything i do i do by myself from the idea to the design to the creation, i know at some point I’m going to need some help but right now I’m enjoying it!

Who do you design for?

To be honest, I love seeing my designs worn by people who are fine with who they are, people who are not afraid to feel and express themselves. I know my pieces are different and sometimes controversial and i don’t expect everyone to love them and wear them, I’m ok with that! I just want people to feel something, whatever the feeling. I think the world constantly tries to make us all the same inside-out and i say it’s great to have diversity. Do not be afraid to feel and express those feelings, it’s what is you, own it and be it. And wear Sougaree. I’m just kidding!

You have Greek origins, is this reflected in your designs in any way?

I think it would be reflected even if i didn’t want it to be. I grew up in Greece and I’ve seen almost the whole country throughout my life. I was raised by Greek people and that culture is rooted deep inside of me, I even learned the crochet technique that I’m using from my family in Greece, its part of our tradition and cultural memory. I also get inspired by the country itself and its beauty. I definitely draw inspiration from a million other things and places, feelings and my life in general but my origins are surely a part of my inspiration.

Cities of Glass


Photography: Marco Giuliano / @marcogiulianoph
Styling: Anca Macavei / @ancamacavei
Fashion: Sougarees / @sougarees
Shoes: Scarosso / @scarosso
Jewellery: Innan / @innan
Model: Lilia at Mint Berlin / @liliagude @mintartistmanagement

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