Photographed by Petar Petrov

Born as a collaboration between Alice De Crais and Alice Lipizzi, these photographs describe the intrinsic bond between two people and their relationship that goes beyond the normative ideas of love. Through impulses and improvised movements, Alice and Shamil create narratives of fighting and reconciliation on the backdrop of changing nature. Their story follows a cycle of day and night where, as the light changes so does the intensity of their feelings. Their movement becomes the medium that allows their bodies to enter the primordial need of humans – being in contact with each other and the nature around us. This rite becomes the tool that brings back to the ancestral root of empathy and actively overcomes the universal fight against loneliness.


Art direction: Alice Lipizzi & Alice De Crais / @strafiko @malokkkiodigatto
Photography: Petar Petrov / @________petar
Photography assistant: Klaudija Avotina / @_aklaudija
Stylist: Alice Lipizzi / @strafiko
Styling Assistants: Francesco Candido & Lucy Broome / @pour_______ @lucybroome_
Model: Alice De Crais & Shamil Redpath / @malokkkiodigatto @shambollock

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