Dark fairy

Photographed by Daniel Rubinshtein.

In the forgotten realm of shadows and whispers where only moonlight dare pierce the darkness, there danced a winged fairy named Death by Romy. Photographed by Daniel Rubinshtein.

Dark fairy


Photographer: Daniel Rubinshtein / @daniel.rubinshtein
3D Artist: Sarra Nekhili / @sarranekhili
Stylist: Maria Siviakova / @siviakosha
Makeup artist: Natasha Longmuir / @goth.toddler
Hair stylist: Ahuva Bitan / @ahuva.bitan
Set designer: Daniel Rubinshtein / @daniel.rubinshtein
Production assistant: Sana Nodelman / @whoizzzthatgirl
Light assistant: Get Pink / @get.pink
Edit: Masha Romanova & Daniela Rubinshtein / @romanovamashaaa, @daniel.rubinshtein
Rope Bandage Artist: Simon Sail / @parasite_pictures
Special thanks: Clawdia / @clawddiiaa
Model: DeathbyRomy / @deathbyromy

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