Diving In Similarities

Photographed by Natalia Skotnicka.

The past tense, the future tense are both perhaps the same. It feels like a vivid dream, space twisting and distorting between my fingers. I dissolve, I become everything I think. When I’m awake I start to disappear. A creative fashion story shot by Natalia Skotnicka.

Diving in similarities


Photography: Natalia Skotnicka / @skotnickann
Creative director: Julia Dumana / @juliadumana
Stylist: Weronika Wood / @drevvno
Hair: Delfina / @delfa.tlalka
Makeup: Kornel Kowalski / @ko_kornel
Video: Magda Wieczorek / @magda_wieczorek
Retouch: Aleksandra Wcisło / @grazka.oner
Set designer: Eleonora Roginska / @eleonoraroginska
Photo assistant: Wiktor Nowacki / @mruwczynski
Stylist assistant: Wiktoria Wolanczyk / @nienagladnaja9
Models: Oskar and Kacper Grzelak / @oskargrzelak @kacper_grzelak

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