Fell To Earth

Photographed by Cait Kelly

She walks in beauty, like the night And all that’s best of dark and bright One shade the more, one ray the less, Had half impaired the nameless grace. An otherworldly story shot by Cait Kelly and styled by Kenya Sharron.

Fell To Earth


Photography & Creative Direction: Cait Kelly / @caitkelly
Stylist: Kenya Sherron / @kenyasherron
Make-up: Marijana Zivanovic / @makeupbymarijana
Hair: Yu Nakata / @yunkt
Nail Artist: Bevy Lynn / @bevy_lynn
Brow Colorist: Zoe Janowsky / @__the_colour_code__
Photography Assis: Nick Collingwood / @nickcollingwoodvintage
Prop/Set Stylist: Devante Melton / @devante.nyc
Model: Jennifer Rubio / @jennnifer222

Directed: Cait Kelly / @caitkelly
DP: Rafeal Abreu-Caedo / @abreu_canedo
Edited: Cait Kelly / @caitkelly
Music: Dean Hurley, “Far Boundaries” / @hubleyworldwide

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