Fiorucci SS/24

Backstage during Milan Fashion Week.

Fiorucci’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection, recently unveiled at Milan Fashion Week, proved to be a vibrant and audacious celebration of style and self-expression. Drawing inspiration from the brand’s iconic legacy of blending bold prints and pop culture, this collection burst onto the runway with a riot of colors, patterns, and a playful nod to the ’80s. Neon hues, graphic motifs, and a kaleidoscope of textures merged effortlessly, offering a contemporary take on Fiorucci’s signature irreverence. From oversized blazers adorned with kitschy patches to form-fitting bodysuits and fringed denim, the collection exuded a sense of unapologetic individuality. This season, Fiorucci has reaffirmed its status as a pioneer of fearless fashion, inviting us to embrace the joyous spirit of self-expression through clothing that dares to be different.

Fiorucci SS/24


Designer: Fiorucci / @fiorucci
Photography: Nicole Nicora / @nicole.nicora

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