Impossibility of an art place in our mind

A fashion story photographed by Ekin Can Bayrakdar.

Meet an open doorway with an open mind. Cha Mi in a fashion story photographed by Ekin Can Bayrakdar and styled by Dana Verri.

Impossibility of an art place in our mind


Photography: Ekin Can Bayrakdar / @ekincanbayrakdar
Styling: Dana Verri / @danavrr_fashion_stylist
Makeup: Grace Yen / @graceyenmakeup
Hair: Tony Hristov /
Photography assistant: Ersin Er / @ersiner__
Styling assistants: Andrea Fiquitiva, Aurelie Mason-Perez / @aureliemasonperez @andreafiquitiva
Model: Cha Mi at Wild Management / @chami_official

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