Photographed by Cansu Kiziltas.

Still looking for a sign in the stars to show me the way on this sea of solitude. Daria photographed by Cansu Kiziltas and styled by Cuneyt Ceylan.



Photographer: Cansu Kızıltaş / @cansu.kiziltass
Stylist: Cüneyt Ceylan / @cuneytceylann
Makeup/Hair: Meryem Perilhou / @m.perilhou
Stylist Assistant: Salome Alis / @immasalome
Production & Studio: Asitane Yapım / @asitaneyapim
Digital Equipment: Taner Yaman / @_tnrymn_
Producers: Ceylan Naz Baycan, Sibel Gunak, Beste Yıldıran / @ceylannaz, @sibelgunak, @yildiranbeste
Executive producer&Realization: Ceylan Naz Baycan / @ceylannaz
Model: Daria Smirnova at New Models Agency / @daria_smirnova_ru

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