Milano Futura

Photographed by Arnaud Ele.

Photography, art and fashion melting in the same place, in the city of design. A series shot by Arnaud Ele, styled by Greta Gerardi, featuring illustrations by Elenia Beretta.

Milano Futura


Photography: Arnaud Ele / @arnaud.ele
Production: Alina Totaro / @alina_totaro
Illustrator & Co Producer: Elenia Beretta / @eleniaberetta
Styling: Greta Gerardi / @__t__r__g__
Set Design: Alina Totaro / @alina_totaro
Makeup: Elena Gaggero / @elena_gaggero
Hair: Alicia Lanzi / @alicia.lanzi
Photo assistant:  Ncog Lan Francesca / @francesca_ngoclantran
Styling assistants: Fosca Ferrari, Allegra Coccolo / @fosca____ @allegracoccolo
Makeup assistant: Alessandra Andreotti / @ales.mua
Hair assistant: Victoria Lanzi / @victoria_lanzi_
Location: Spazio Diluvio / @diluvioamilano
Serena Archetti at Monster Badd / @serenaarchetti @monster_badd
Gracjela Kicaj at Monster Badd
Desire Biasizzo / @desire.biasizzo

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