Ode to the Seasons

Photographed by Meryl Valerie.

That time of the year when the air changes, when
the sun rays hit just a little lower and the light is
filled with an auburn gold rush.
There is a crystal blue shift in the air.
Windswept and untangled from the
warmth of the summer, filled with the scent of the ocean.
Knitting a palette of seaside senses, gently
wrapped in colors while the salty memories shine
through all the while. An ode to the seasons we
leave behind and to the ones to come.

Ode to the seasons


Photographer: Meryl Valerie / @meryl_valerie
Creative Director: Simon Douaire / @s_douaire @selectstudiony
Stylist: Julia Carrizosa / @dr.juju.rx
Hair Stylist: Denis Perani / @denisperanihair
Makeup: Wakana Ichikawa / @wakana1107
Model: Bo at ONE Management / @bobola_o @onemanagement

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