Photographed by Olesya Parfenyuk.

Embracing the fluidity of gender, we embark on a visual exploration of the versatility of the persona, encompassing different sides of the character, rich in variety of features. The surrounding underlines that process, enveloping with melancholic traits. A fashion story shot by Olesya Parfenyuk.



Photography and Creative Direction: Olesya Parfenyuk / @olesyaparfenyuk
Styling: Vladimir Frol / @vladifrol
Makeup&Hair: Flávia Mendes / @fla.vs_themakeup
DOP: Alexandra List / @alexandralist
Edit: Anastasia Schneider / @the.novikova.end
Color: Mikhail Skryapkin / @skrmi.color
Production: Alexandra List / @alexandralist @kompasunited
Model: Aliona at Das Deck / @aliona_novokhatska @das_deck

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