Photographed by Florine van Rees.

Staring into her own reflection in the still waters, looking through the mirror of her soul. Nina de Raadt photographed by Florine van Rees.

I look at him and brush gently
the hair and water of my arms
he shakes with fear and looks intently
At my seductive, luscious charms
With eager hands I wave and beckon
nod quickly, smiling from afar
and shoot within two flashing seconds
into still water like a star

I look at him, my hair I brush
Smile, send him kisses sweet and wild

Play with the waves- caress and splash-
now laugh, now whimper like a child

moan tenderly, call louder
here boy, here boy! To me, to me!
Then vanish in to limpid water
And all is silent instantly



Photography: Florine van Rees / @florinevanrees_photography @by_janekate
Art director: Misha Kratina / @mishakratina
Styling: Katerina Familiarskaia / @katerina.familiarskaia
Make up/hair: Nataly Vasilchenko / @natalyvasilchenko_mua
Poem/music composing: Nina de Raadt
Ph assistant: Lisanne Tamara
Model: Nina de Raadt at It’s me Model Management / @adandierant /

The music track for this shoot was written by Nina de Raadt

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