Sculpting Darkness / Han Kjobenhavn

In conversation with Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen, creative director of Han Kjøbenhavn.

In conversation with Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen, the mastermind behind Han Kjøbenhavn on the occasion of his latest fashion show during Milan Fashion Week together with an exclusive backstage photo report by Sara Scanderebech.

What is your current state of mind?

Observative, focused. Preparing myself for what’s coming.

Can you talk a bit about your background and about how did it all come about?

I started working with graphics and visuals from a young age, then went on a more conceptual journey where it was more about learning how to use your brain in a new way, thinking laterally, working with emotions, working with shape. After that, I had more time to work with art and installations which was a combination of my education and background. It’s been going for a good 20 years now. So, it’s been an organic process getting to where I am now, and my work is a combination of it all.

Can you tell us about your FW/22 Collection showcased here in our pictures and about your decision to start showing during Milan Fashion Week?

I like Milan from a personally point of view, the people, the culture, the history – everything. In terms of fashion, it’s unique, with influential houses and iconic individuals that inspires me – that’s something I want to be part of and something I want to help build even further, when given the opportunity. Being on the “men’s” fashion week calendar in Milan for the past four season has made it a more natural choice, because we feel part of the family and appreciate the platform and energy in the city.

We are really eager to know the story behind our favorite and iconic black leather dress with the unique “hand neck”.

The process started off when collaborating on a bag with ceramic artist Naomi Gilon. During this process it was obvious that there was something more in this than “just” the bag, it was bigger, had a very specific energy. It then became a bigger story and an important element in the collection – where the emotion in hand became the core of a few unique pieces the “grip” dress being one of them.

You said in a past interview “It is all about embracing the dark side that we all have. It’s about turning it into something positive and it is where my creativity grows”. Sounds like a therapeutic procedure. Do you think that your success is emerging from this internal trip from darkness to light?

True, it is a therapeutic process, in a sense all humans are searching for some sort of satisfaction. I think, working as a creative, and working with personal stories and experiences can somehow produce a good stimulus to the level which your mind expects, The journey does not always go from darkness to light, and it’s a difficult process to control, and it should not be controlled, it has to be fluid – but everything is a balance, that’s what I’m always working towards – finding the right balance and the suspense between the two things.

Which is your favourite form of communication to create journeys to new places for your audience?

I like real things, stuff I can touch, smell, feel – and I like to be around people, I think that’s why we’re happy to be back, and able to do physical runway shows rather than digital ones. I like to tell our story to a real audience, it’s just different, you can feel and smell the energy, the intensity – the feeling of sending the collection out there, observing the room, its special – and when it’s out there, it’s out there, and you can’t control anymore, almost like you pass it on, it’s not yours anymore. There is something very special about that.

Sculpting Darkness / Han Kjobenhavn AW22


Designer: Han Kjobenhavn / @hankjobenhavn
Photography: Sara Scanderebech / @sara.scanderebech
Interview: Iro Bournazou / @irwb

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