Silly games

Photographed by Lara Sunier.

Our little games make us special. Every place is a magical tale with you by my side. Tell me what you want, I’ll set up for you. They say life is easier when someone loves you, and now I’m sure that’s all true. A dreamy series shot by Lara Sunier.

Silly games


Photography: Lara Sunier / @tequilanimages
Styling: Chiara De Giorgi / @chiaradegiorgi
Creative direction & casting: Viktoria Ilic / @viktoriailic
Set Designer: Flavia Manacorda / @x.andromakou
Make up: Maya De Tinti / @mayatintimua
Hair: Sergio Sorbello / @sergiosorbello
Photography Asstant: Riccardo di Mauro / @riccardodmr
Styling Assistant: Lorenzo Besana / @lorenzobesana
Set Designer Assistant: Flavia Di Pirro / @rubi.rubirosa
Models: Diana at La Corte Dei Miracoli / @d616g @lacortedeimiracoliagency,
Matteo at Sophie Models / @mttcmpt @sophie.models

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